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"Quail for the Field and Table"

Quail for the Table

Dressed Quail and Quail Meat

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Texas quail at their finest! Our quail are hatched, raised, harvested, dressed and packaged all on site here at the ranch. They are raised on an all-natural diet with plenty of space to roam. No antibiotics nor added hormones are used.

Available for purchase by the case or by the package.

Bandera Quail Meat Pieces/Pkg Pieces/Case
Semi-Boneless Quail, Large
(5 - 6 oz ea)
4 24
Semi-Boneless Quail, Regular
(4.5 - 5 oz ea)
4 24
Whole Quail 4 32
Whole Quail, Breast Split 4 32
Boneless Breasts 8 48
Quail Poppers
(Quail Breast & Jalapeno Wrapped in Bacon)
8 48
Quail Legs 20 160
Quail Legs, Skewered
(5 legs/skewer, 4 skewers/pkg)
20 160
Quail Trimmings
(Boneless, skinless breasts and tenders)
5 lbs 20 lbs
Quail Eggs 30  

To place an order to ship please visit our sister company's webpage: Broken Arrow Ranch. To make a purchase for pick up in Bandera please call or just visit us on the ranch.

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